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What is the Mckenzie Method?

Are you tired of relying on medication or surgery to manage your musculoskeletal pain? 

Do you want to take an active role in your own care and improve your function and reduce your pain?

If so, the McKenzie Method may be the solution you’ve been looking for! 

The McKenzie Method is a system of assessment and treatment for musculoskeletal conditions that empowers patients to manage their own symptoms through education and exercise. By understanding your own condition and learning specific exercises to alleviate pain and improve function, you can reduce your reliance on passive interventions such as medication or surgery.

Treat Your Own Neck !

Treat Your Own Back !


The McKenzie Method is based on the concept that most musculoskeletal pain can be classified into three categories, and the assessment process involves a series of standardized questions and movements to determine the specific type of dysfunction. This allows for a more individualized approach to treatment and can lead to improved outcomes.

Treatment in the McKenzie Method involves a series of specific exercises tailored to your specific dysfunction, and you will be instructed on how to perform these exercises multiple times throughout the day to improve your function and reduce your symptoms. The goal of treatment is to improve your function and reduce your pain, with the ultimate goal of returning you to your normal activities.

The McKenzie Method has been studied extensively and has been shown to be effective for a range of musculoskeletal conditions, including low back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Patients who received treatment with the McKenzie Method had significantly greater improvements in pain and function compared to those who received standard physical therapy.

By taking an active role in your own care through the McKenzie Method, you can improve your function and reduce your pain without relying solely on medication or surgery. This approach empowers you to manage your own symptoms and take control of your own health.

Don’t let musculoskeletal pain hold you back any longer – try the McKenzie Method today and experience the benefits of active self-management!