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About Us

about us

Dr. Bethart has dedicated his career to helping patients get better and stay better. He approaches patient care through an individualized framework with an emphasis on assisting his patients in meeting their particular goals.


Dr. Christopher Bethart is a nationally accredited, Mckenzie-certified physical therapist with fellowship training in manual therapy.

What We Do

In a world of healthcare where there are seemingly many answers (rest, medication, surgery, etc.), it is no wonder that people often find themselves in a state of confusion or uncertainty about their path toward recovery. Across our concierge physical therapy practice, we are dedicated to partnering with our patients as they make real and sustainable decisions about their health.

How We Do It

We take pride in offering our patients our undivided attention through private one-on-one therapy sessions. 

Our Cost Structure

We are cash-based because we believe this cost structure provides us the most advantages in treating our patients through

  • Immediate care without waiting for insurance authorization.
  • No questionable bill from your provider weeks after your care is complete.
  • Daily availability from your doctor via phone call, text or email regarding questions on your progress.
  • Focused care that leads to faster results. We believe your time is money; let us help you save it.

Our Clinical Model

We are an out-of-network clinic and this is why:

There is a progression of worsening reimbursement rates to doctors and pressure from insurance companies on patients. Both of these factors end up limiting your access to care and force physicians to divide their attention between multiple patients during operating hours. Therapists at in-network clinics have to see at least two patients per hour (typically, more) and oftentimes, they must utilize technicians and physician assistants to provide the majority of their patient care.

In consideration of the time saved in fewer trips to the clinic, and the intangible value of resolving pain faster through physician-administered care, we believe Physical Therapy Solutions offers patients maximum value and flexibility in regards to their treatment.

In choosing your location of care, I urge you to ask the following questions: 
· How much will I pay for each visit even with insurance? 
· How much time will I actually spend with my practitioner?
· Is all the care provided by my Physical Therapist?

If you have any further questions, please call or email us using the contact information below.

We hope that you will allow us to partner with you as you take ownership of your care.




Christopher Bethart PT, DPT, MDT