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Claudia's Story

If you are reading this testimonial you must be going through some kind of pain. Please take your time, and read my story so you can understand why I chose Dr. Bethart even though I live over a thousand miles away from his practice. I hope this information will help you get better, and I am sure that if you decide to meet Dr. Bethart you will never look for another Physical Therapist again.

In September 2021 I developed all sorts of pains on my legs, and it began to interfere with my work, daily activities, and social life. Based on blood tests I had developed some kind of inflammation and I believed it would go away by taking medications to reduce the inflammation. Unfortunately, it was just getting worse. I was not able to move from a sitting position, walk for a long period of time or sleep. A few months later I developed hip and lower back pain. I was diagnosed for lipedema, and venous insufficiency. MRI’s revealed tears, tendinopathy, bursitis, joint arthrosis, fibrosis, edema and more. After ten months of continuous pain I thought I would never be able to have a normal life again. That was the week I met Dr. Christopher Bethart when he was visiting Florida. He told me not to worry because I would be able to get better. His encouraging words gave me such relief!

Dr. Bethart was so caring and encouraging that he made me feel strong again to keep going. He took time out of his vacation to meet me, and conducted a comprehensive assessment. After his detailed examination, he asked me if I was willing to do a test (back stretches every 2 hours for 72 hours), and explained how important it was for me to correct my posture when sitting, walking, standing and sleeping. He sent me videos on how to keep proper posture and called me for the next few days to check how I was feeling, and monitor my progress. After one week of following his recommendations I began to feel a relief, and I was able to sleep for an extended period of time again. I told Dr. Bethart that I would love to have him as my PT. I thought it would be impossible since his practice was located over a thousand miles away. Then he told me about his Online Coaching Program, called TrueCoach. I was so happy to hear that he would be able to treat me, even though his practice was located so far away.

Dr. Bethart explained how his online program works, and how important it is for patients to be committed so the program can be effective. After three weeks of following his program, I felt an improvement in my mobility, sleeping, and I was almost pain free. His program is like having a physical therapist 24/7. He plans your exercises based on your symptoms and monitors your feedback daily. All exercises have videos attached to it, so there is no way to go wrong. Dr. Bethart not only treats your problem, but he digs to find the root cause of your pain by collecting data from your inputs.

The decision to work with Dr. Bethart was the best thing I did in the last ten month. I wish I had met with him on the day “one” I developed pain in my legs. He would have saved me time, money and suffering. Shortly after I began working with Dr. Bethart, I was able to move from a sitting position, and walk 2 miles on the treadmill almost pain free. Now, one month later, I can say: I am pain free and sleeping for 8 to 9 hours during the night. All these accomplishments were possible due to following Dr. Bethart instructions through the Online Coach Program. I cannot thank Dr. Bethart enough for helping me live again without pain. I strongly recommend his coaching program regardless of where you live. His program will not only save you driving time, but you are going to be doing your treatment in the comfort of your home, and at your own pace. Beyond everything, you are going to be working with an experienced orthopedic physical therapist that cares about you, encourages you to keep going, and takes his time to make sure that you will get better.

If you are currently living through the same situation Claudia experienced, or know somebody who is troubled with physical pain, please consider giving us a call.